Finding The Time To Write

Writing and time don’t always go together. One week you’re able to turn out ten thousand words and finish three chapters. The next week, your to-do list decides to get longer and suddenly you manage to write one sentence. And the week after that, you write nothing because you get so caught up doing other things that you forget to take a moment to sit down and write. And it’s understandable for this to happen but don’t you wish that it wouldn’t? Don’t you wish you could finish that piece you’ve been working on for like ever? Of course you do. Here’s two tips I’ve found helpful that perhaps may help you.

What’s Keeping You?

Adjusting your schedule to free up time to write can be a bit intimidating and perhaps that’s why you haven’t been able to do it, is because you find it to be a daunting task. What you could do instead of taking that big leap is start by sitting down and asking yourself a few questions. Mainly, what other reasons could there be for you not writing? What’s holding you back from being willing to work writing into your hectic schedule? Could it be you hesitant because of doubt? Are you doubting your abilities? If you doubt yourself or if you constantly stress about the words you write, maybe you need to take the time to acknowledge that doubt. As they say, the first step to solving your problem is admitting you have a problem. After that, make a list of those things that nag you about writing. And make note of any distractions that keep you away from your computer or your journal. Do you have a habit of saying yes every time a friend calls and asks to hang out? Are you taking on more responsibilities than usual lately? Maybe you’ve had a change of pace and that’s throwing you off your game.

They say you can’t take care of others unless you take of yourself; and that’s certainly true. But you know what’s also true? You can’t write if something is bothering you.

Actually Making A Schedule

I don’t know about you, but to me one of the hardest things I ever have to do is make a schedule. Every time I sit down and try, I get excited. And then somewhere along the way, I bust the schedule. I miss doing something, or I forget about a task- then I become angry with myself and give up. Eventually, though, I did find something that works for me:

Just doing it.

I sat down and I figured it out. You don’t have the mind that I have, so when I tell you how I managed to figured out a schedule know that the process I have might not be the process that you have or will have.

How I Set Up My Schedule:

  • Sit down
  • Figure out the activities I have on my plate
    For me it was work and school
  • Put those activities on a piece of paper.
  • Figure out how much free time I have
    Because I don’t have a lot to do daily, it looks like I have a lot of free time

And then I went from there. My schedule tends to be loose and movable. I do my job, then I come home and say, “I need to work on x for y amount of time.” And after doing that task, I’ll find something else to do. Perhaps my schedule doesn’t seem traditional- nothing about it is physical. It’s just- there. It is on my phone but as I mentioned, my schedule is loose and movable, so things change. When I tell myself what tasks, I also tell myself it’s okay to veer of the course. As long as those things get done. And that, folks, is the most important piece of advice anyone can give you:

Don’t sweat the details.