What Is Blogtober (And My Plans For It)


It’s a word I heard for several days on Twitter before finally deciding to check it out. What I found intrigued me and it made me think. Blogtober is a celebration of blogs and blogger during the month of October. There are no rules for Blogtober except one: for each day in October, post one blog post. I love writing and I love putting my writing out there even more.

There are two aspects I like to think blogtober will help me the most.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To bring more traffic to your blog, content will need to be on the blog. It’s common sense: content = views. But just because you have content does not mean you have people reading that content. Your blog may contain content, but is anyone seeing it or reading it? With Blogtober, there’s a possibility you will gain more readership because posting every day will make your site more “active” in web searches. And in those thirty-one days, you’ll likely create content similar to what’s already out there, which means your content might appear in search results.

I want people to come to my blog, but I am horrible at advertising myself and my blog online. Even if I don’t post every day of October, I’ll still be posting more than my usual schedule. If a boost in content means a boost in viewers, why not try it?

A Boost In Motivation

Doing blogtober could not only boost your readership, but your motivation to write. As a writer, I know what it’s like to struggle with wanting. Maybe it’s because you have writer’s block (something I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s blog post). Maybe it’s because you have imposter syndrome. But either way, doing blogtober might be the breakthrough you need to put your doubts aside and put pen to paper- well, fingers to keyboard. This is the internet.

I constantly struggle to stay motivated. These last few weeks have felt like a black hole for my creativity. I sit down to write, but the task feels so massive. Anything I try to do these last few weeks has felt like staring into infinity. Everything feels imitating and wrong and all I want to do is sleep. In doing blogtober, I am hoping it will help give me a boost in inspiration and drive me to write more.

My plans for blogtober

My plans for blogtober are simple: I want to post more content. I don’t want to post every day of October. I want to have more days of posting than not. Blogtober for me is an experiment, a testing of chaotic waters. I’m making a vow to post more, but I won’t do it at the cost of my health (mental and otherwise). Post wise, I have a few ideas that I wrote in a notebook and I am working on those while making plans for others. Unlike my usual schedule of posting biweekly, posts for October will have no set schedule. In this way, my blogging will be random but exciting. I can’t wait for you to see them. Are you doing blogtober? If so, I’d love to hear from you.