Ko-Fi Post #001: Announcement Concerning Part 2

Hi everyone.

2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years, has it? No, not really. For most of the year, I’ve been doing the bare minimum to keep myself sane. Nothing has really changed for me this year, at least not much. Because of the¬†glorious¬†virus known as SARS-COVID-19 (or just COVID-19), I haven’t been to the hair stylist since February; slowly, my black hair is returning to its natural brunette color. I’m an essential worker- which means I’ve heard people tell me how stupid I must be for working a job that requires me to wear a mask. My senior year of high school, I made the choice to take my college education to the virtual classroom; never has that decision felt more important than this year. As a writer, I’ve tried to keep my head up. I’ve chosen to ignore my pessimism- but that only goes so far when all your pessimistic ideals get proven right. People won’t believe scientists. People don’t care about others- only themselves. Why wear a mask so that grandma doesn’t get sick when you can go out and party and spread an illness which a vaccine has yet to be developed for? Why care about those with weakened immune systems when you can yell at a gas station worker in her twenties because this is all “fake”?

I know people can be stupid, but I never expected this level of stupidity. I do not understand how I can be surprised, but I am.

Anyway, even though not much has changed for me, I’ve still felt the stress of 2020. And that stress has caught to me. Because of this, I am postponing part 2 of Mischief Magic. It will be released October 25th instead of the 22nd, like I had originally planned. Hopefully, this will be the only month I have to do this, but as always, I will keep you updated. In the meantime, here’s the cover for part 2 and the synopsis.

Photo by Pixbay on Pexels | Edited by Scarlet Noble

Mariel finds something in Valor’s bed chambers that does not belong there. Meanwhile, the shadow still lurks. The king sends out a messenger bird hoping to find answers. But does the king really want the answers?

I hate having to delay this, but it’s necessary for not only my own sake, but for the story’s sake.