2020 Is Almost Over (Part 2 of 2)

Back in June, I wrote this blog post about the nightmare of 2020. In that post, I did a basic overview of events that make this year difficult. As I had just started my blog the month prior, I wasn’t quite sure of myself- to tell the truth, I’m still not; in the background of everything going on this year, I still don’t know what I want this blog to be.

Or at least, I thought I didn’t know what I wanted this blog to be.

In thinking of ideas about this blog post, an update to part one, I’ve decided on a direction. I’ve figured out what I want my tiny corner of the internet to look like. This idea spawned out of the thing I should more of writing. But also, reflecting on the things in my life- and the lives of others- that affects that. So, from this post forward, I will do just that- I will muse about the art of writing, the act of writing, and the intricate things that make the craft so difficult. I will muse about these things, and more, because the blog is called “Scarlets Musings”.

Let’s start with 2020 for the moment, and you’ll see other things related to the craft of writing in the future.


Briefly- Politics


Since 2016, there has- I feel- been an increased effort to get the public increased in politics. Politics are no longer reserved for the years in which major elections- like the presidential one- took place. Now, any time of the year we question the actions of our leaders, we wonder how things could change; we wish for change, we protest for change. Perhaps I only see this change because I was in elementary school the year Barack Obama won the presidency. I didn’t think much about the government because I’ve had other things on my mind, which I felt were much more interesting. And- to be honest- I agree with my younger self, playing on a Nintendo DS and having imagery adventures with my friends is a lot more interesting than watching two old white guys scream at each other.

I don’t want to say that I became politically active after 2016- because I am not, by any means, politically active. I personally don’t want to weigh in on the issue publicly. I have my beliefs, I vote according to them, and that’s how it is for me. But I will say this:

Tomorrow- November 3rd, 2020, there is an election. I don’t wish to sway you to vote for a certain person, but I want you to vote. And when you vote, ask yourself how the actions and the words of our leaders line up. Ask yourself where you stand, then find out where they stand. Don’t pay attention to the color of their party. Vote for the candidate whose action propel us to a better future.


Everything Has Changed- Great! Great?



If you’ve somehow went the entire year without hearing about it, congratulations you look under a rock. In my last post about 2020, I talked briefly about the effects of COVID-19. I’ll try to be even more brief, because this post can only be so long before you lose interest, right? Events that excited many had to be canceled due to the virus. Movies? Postponed. In fact, theaters are closed. Concerts? Not happening. Conventions like San Diego Comic Con? Nope. Restaurants where I live haven’t fully reopened yet. No one is allowed to dine inside. At the one park in my town, signs encouraging social distancing are everywhere, while benches are either removed or covered. Many stores and shops have signs saying, “please wear a mask”. Constantly, people on television will selfishly say that wearing a mask makes them uncomfortable.

I hate what COVID-19 has done to the world, but at the same time, I’ve slowly become okay with it. Because, in a way, the world has become my dream. As an introvert, I hate talking to people for too long. Well, wearing a mask can make it hard to understand someone and this limits communication face to face. I hate crowds  because they’re noisy and uncomfortable and uncontrollable. Many places are now limiting the number of people inside- which means fewer crowds. Before 2020, I would be talked into going to places I didn’t want to go. Staying home means protecting those around, now. In fact, going out unnecessarily is reckless.

This is a new world, this 2020 society. But I wish it didn’t have to take a virus to get here.




In 2020, I realized that maybe I should do something about social issues. And in 2020, I realized there’s not much I can do right now. I live in a small town full of conservatives. But there’s still something. I realized that there are issues out there that I can pursue without weighing into the acidic waters of politics. I realized there are ways to advocate for equal treatment without getting trolls or told that just because you label yourself a certain way that you’re the enemy.

Whenever I can, I have tried to donate. Mostly to Red Cross or St. Jude. But I want to do more than that. So, starting in the middle of November, I’m going to be announcing small donations made to fifteen various organizations. Along with this, I will be adding a section to my website that lists these organizations, along with petitions I’ll sign, people to follow online, and whatever else I come up with to do. 2020 has made me realize that there’s more to caring about an issue than the politics of it- there’s the people. And I want to be able to help people.

Which brings me to my last point.




2020 is the year I discovered that there are several things going on in my personal life I need to address. These are things I’ve ignored for far longer than I care to admit. Things I should have dealt with long ago. I’m ashamed of not taking action with them, but I am now. Which should count for something, I guess? There is one issue, an issue not too many people know about (and if they do, they don’t know the full story), that I have to work through. Because of this, social media is on the back burner. I am taking a break, for now, to work on these issues, to better myself. Because I can’t ignore what’s going with me. I can’t ignore what I’ve been putting off.

As I said, I’m taking a social media break. I will still be doing blog posts and kofi. I’ll be posting about blog posts, ko-fi exclusives, and any announcements I have. But that’s it. Yes, I won’t be engaging as much as I should, especially since I’ve been wanting to grow my social media following, but this- for now- is what’s best for me. My wellness must be at the forefront. I hate doing, putting myself through a forced limited exile, but I’ve come to realize that social media has been acting as a distraction for me. I’ve used to help me ignore what I’ve become. So, next year, I hope the issues I’m facing now will get better. I hope for a brighter future. Which, to be honest, is something I never hope for. I’m a pessimist at heart.

Can you blame me?


See you next blog post.