Typewriter Chat 001: Technicalities

Hello and welcome to the first Typewriter Chat! What is a Typewriter Chat? Typewriter Chat is Scarlet’s way to communicate directly with you about the goings on of her life instead of posting multiple times to every single social media she’s on (mainly- Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr). This is the first installment of such chats. In this chat, Scarlet addresses her lack of blog posts, future Mischief Magic installments, and her plans for 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to most anticipated month of 2020- December. I hope your holiday season is going well. Let’s get to the announcements.

Blog Post- Or Lack Thereof

Recently, I have been under a lot of stress. This stress comes from a myriad of things and has been affecting my writing. How wide that affect is wasn’t known to me until I looked and discovered my last real blog post was November 3rd (Mischief Magic post don’t count as blog posts). I’m working on a blog post right now that I’m hoping to publish December 12th, or the 15th at the latest. I’m also hoping to do a blog post concerning my time at Coffee House Writers and the two volume anthology they’re releasing, of which I have pieces in the second volume. This post won’t be until January, so I highly recommend following Coffee House Writers on Twitter (@CoffeeHouseW3) for updates. Volume 1 of the anthology releases December 8th, while the second releases December 15th. Preorder now.

You’ll hear more about Mischief Magic on the 15th. I’m really excited, as I have finally found some direction in the storyline.

Mischief Magic

I don’t have much to say here except I really, really want people to read Mischief Magic. I’m going full throttle on social media to promote the next installment, starting today. I really need to get traction, as I have bigger plans for the series. I know this sounds like I’m begging you to donate to me on Ko-Fi (that’s how you get access to it), but I am. Donate to me on Ko-Fi, I would be really thankful. I don’t want to give up on this project.

But enough doom and gloom. Let’s talk story. Mischief Magic is somewhat of a learning experience for me. I’m trying to figure out how to write such a series, how to plan out the plot and its characters etc. I’m learning how to write the genre I love, while also (hopefully) producing something people will love. In the future, except “snapshot” stories about Val, the king, and more. Also: silliness. Lots of silliness. Don’t we all need a laugh this year? Seriously, nothing has been funny this year.


This is a bit of a hot topic for me right now, because everything about next year is a black hole. Everything about next year centers on the fact that I don’t want to do anything danger. And with a pandemic still sweeping through the USA, and the world, there is nothing I can do that won’t be dangerous. So, for now- just assume I’m going to be blogging about writing, making further updates, and wishing that magic and all things godly were real so that COVID-19 wouldn’t be a problem.

In the wider scheme of things: I plan to talk about writing more, obviously, I plan on putting my full focus (when not writing for Coffee House Writers or doing college work) into this blog and everything about it.

Because of how limited I feel this site is, I want to change up the theme. I want to be able to have things that, currently, the WordPress theme I’m using won’t allow me to use. You’ll see some changes on the forefront, while I’ll still be making changes in the background. Keep an eye out.

NOTE: Typewriter Chat will be a monthly installment, but will be published as much as necessary.