Typewriter Chat 002: New Year New Content







Didn’t expect that, did you? To speak (well, write) honestly, neither did I. I  thought 2020 would never end, so it comes as a shock that a new year has begun. It comes as a shock that as much as I wanted to; I didn’t improve in 2020. I stayed the same. And that’s okay. Just because a new year beckons doesn’t mean a new you must as well. Maybe there are still some things I need to work on, maybe I discovered a few things I need to address, but that’s okay.

Anyway, on to the announcement!

Writing Plans

Last year, when I became serious about my blog, I told myself I would try to post biweekly. And while I’m proud of my ambition, that goal isn’t realistic to the life I live right now. Last month, I took a good hard look at what’s been going on and made an alternative plan: twice a month posts, not including Mischief Magic or announcements. This works better with my schedule.

Speaking of schedules: the next installment of Mischief Magic will be posted this month on the 22nd. I had initially intended to change that, but I discovered that the 22nd works for me, and I have received no feedback from my editor telling me that it doesn’t work for her. So, look out for the next installment of Mischief Magic.

Blog Post

For this month, the two blog posts will be short and sweet, a little fun and a bit serious. On the thirteenth, I will post what would have been last month’s blog posts (blame stress). This blog post is my attempt to make you laugh. Will it? Probably not. But can’t blame me for trying. The second blog is currently being worked and its topic is serious, but I want to laugh about it all the same. Because why not?

Coffee House Writers

As I mentioned in my last Typewriter Chat, Coffee House Writers- a website I intern on as a content writer- has two anthologies coming out. Well, they’re out! You can buy it on Amazon in digital format and paperback. I contributed two pieces to the second anthology, but I highly recommend reading both. With over a dozen writers and a myriad of genres, these anthologies have something for everyone. I might be a little bias here, but I give them five stars.


That’s pretty it for this Typewriter Chat. I hope you have a good new year, and I wish you all the best. To my fellow writers: I wish you great stories and great grammar this year.