5 Types of Writers

Much like how Myers-Briggs tries and group humans into sixteen distinct personality types, I’m going to group writers into five different subsets. Unlike Myers-Briggs, however, I won’t be trying to scam people into thinking being grouped into some subset or “personality” means something. (Here’s an interesting article about the test If you’re curious.) Don’t take what you read in this post seriously. Consider this my attempt at humor after the 2020 US election cycle. Well, actually, consider this my attempt at humor after 2020 in general. Like, holy fuck, can it get any worse?

Anyway, let’s stop rambling and jump right into it.


Fanfiction- The Ships, The Lemons, The Alternate Universes

Are you a fanfiction type?

Do you write the storylines that shitty Hollywood writers refuse to write for your favorite TV Show or movie? Do you ship a relationship that isn’t canon? You might be a fanfiction writer.

This type of writer is seriously into fanfiction. If you are this type of writer, you know your Hogwarts House. You are also probably a fan of Twilight and have, in the past, written a fanfiction promoting Edward and Bella, and you frown at the very idea that Bella and Jacob have any footing in a relationship.

If you wrote fanfiction in your youth, chances are you’re still writing fanfiction. Chances are you have a good grasp of character and you might also be a total fandom person. And you know what? Embrace that. Fandoms are the best. There is nothing more amazing than the power of a fandom. Especially one motivated like the K-Pop fandom. Don’t even think of pissing off the Swiftie fandom, because those people can track down your address.

Wattpad- Leveling Up

Are you a Wattpad type?

What makes a Wattpad writer?

Wattpad writers are a setup from fanfiction writers. After writing fanfiction in their childhoods, Wattpad writers hit a lightbulb and tried their hand out on writing original fiction. These writers are likely to growl at you should you compare their main character to the character of a popular TV Show or movie. And this kind of writer, like all kinds of writers, does not give up. They share their story in the most brutal way possible- putting it, piece by piece, on the internet in unedited chunks. Chances are, you have a friend on Wattpad. Chances are, you’re a pretty cool person.

Busy Life

Are you a busy life type?

On a break from work. In the middle of the night. You want to tell your story but the problem is, your life is a minute-to-minute spreadsheet. From the second you get up, you’re doing something and there are days, weeks, maybe months where you can’t write because you have responsibilities to uphold. And that’s okay because you’ve figured out a writer’s secret weapon: the in between moments. You know better than anyone that life is not going by in second-by-second warp speed. You know better than anyone that no one dedicated enough is too busy to seat down and spill the story they have inside them. So you take every single second. Your greatest resource is mobile apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, which sync everything you do so you can have your words no matter where you go. Like all writers, you’re determined. And that determination will someday pay off.

Middle Of The Night

Are you a middle of the night type?

Ah yes, midnight. What a lovely hour to be sitting in front of a computer screen. Do you check the time? No. You avoid the clock in the screen’s corner, on the wall, on the desk where ever you have one. If you dare look at it, you’ll acknowledge the late hour. Then you’ll feel tired. And then you’ll quick writing. That will not happen. What defines you the most? Maybe it’s the clocks you ignore or the messy bed you vow to never make, mostly because you sleep when everyone else is awake. What do you write? Whatever your story is. But you find that burning the midnight oil does wonders for your creativity.

You promise that you’ll sleep when this chapter is finished. No, this chapter, no this one. No, this one. When was the last time you had a long rest? Who needs sleep when you have a story?

Chaos Breed Productivity

Are you a chaos type?

For whatever reason, chaos is the name of the game with you. From busy mornings to nights when getting to bed is “wait, let me just do this”, you and chaos dance in pale moonlight. In doing so, it breeds art. “Make good art,” some guy said. Frankly, you take this a bit too literally. But all well that end’s well if you end up with a story. And your story is worth it. Like the middle of the night types, take every second you have for yourself .Through hell, you find your own personal. You can do it. Never stop writing. Keep telling yourself you’ll have a book one day, because you will. Whatever story is in your heart, you find it and you find the time to write it. One day, when you hold that book in your hand, you’ll know that all the chaos is worth it.