Scarlet Noble is the pen name of a writer interested in fantasy and science fiction. When not struggling to stay motivated, Scarlet can be found procrastinating on writing by doing school and procrastinating on school work by playing video games. And when not video gaming, she’s reading. During 2020, Scarlet discovered that using she/they pronouns seemed to work for them. Please remember this.

Want to contact Scarlet? The best place to find Scarlet is on Twitter and Tumblr (@writerscarlet), where they can be found posting about writing, Taylor Swift, and various other things.

Writing wise, Scarlet writes for the website Coffee House Writers. She writes short, fictional pieces that are published on a biweekly basis. Two of their works will also be published in volume 2 of Coffee House Writers’ two volume anthology. They’re very excited for this, as Scarlet sees this as the first step towards their writing dreams.