There are many issues I want to use this blog to shine a light on. I want to support organizations, people, etc. And I don’t just want to blog about it, I want to actually do something about it. I’m not entirely sure what just yet, so consider this list, with some explanations why I support these causes, to be ever changing and a snapshot of what I am/will be doing.

Black Lives Matter

Saying Black Lives Matter is one thing. Doing something to prove that you believe so is another thing. I do believe black lives matter. No, it doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter. No, it doesn’t mean that your life doesn’t matter. But, historically, black lives haven’t matter to people they should matter to. And that’s just… it’s fucked up. Don’t even get me started on systemic racism, which has contributed to inherent racism within our culture. We are literally to fault for the trouble BIPOCs have faced. And something should be done.


This shouldn’t have to be said, but for some reason it still does: diversity isn’t just putting a black woman on TV. It’s not just reading or writing, or seeing black men and women. It’s advocating for their sits at the table- where they’ve always been- to be acknowledge. It’s looking at them when a viewpoint strays from an Eurocentric, white favoring view. It’s acknowledging that white isn’t the default, just the societally accepted definition of “normal”.

LGBTQ+ Oppression and Mistreatment

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it angers me that anyone struggles to live in our society because they wish to be who they truly are. It angers me that a transgender man or woman can’t get their gender affirmation surgeries because of our government inherent transphobia. It angers me that in several countries, being gay, lesbian, etc. can get you killed. It should anger you too.

Natural Disasters

This list will be ever changing/expanding as natural disasters don’t just stop just because no one pays attention to them. I care about people, no matter who they are. I care when their house(s) get destroyed, or they lose a family member. I care when I see entire lives destroyed and hate it when natural disasters are a “one and done” deal on the news. The cameras turn off, but that doesn’t mean the suffering does.

Women’s Right

“Women’s right are human rights” is a phrase I very much believe in. And I do, currently, associate my current state of being as “woman”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I only advocate for better treatment of women because I’m a women. It means that I have had experiences as a woman that led me to believe more in the power of the Women’s Rights movement.