In Reality 001: What Am I Doing?

For as long as I’ve been able to remember, I’ve always loved the arts. Writing is an art form. One of many. In the past, writing had been a hobby; I’d thought I’d abandon it. It stuck with me, though. And now I want to put my words- both fictional and nonfictional- into the world. So obviously the question is how and what. The how is easy: blog. Blogging is something I’m interested in. I’ve always been interested in it. But what was I going to blog about? What could I blog about that would be interesting? Well, what if I blogged about my interests? I could have an entire website dedicated to my many, many hyperfocus. But do people really want to hear about the things I get interested in for like two days before ditching them?

I’d write out that process of self doubt and loathing, but let’s move on.

This is where the world of tabletop RPGS (TTRPGs) comes in. Ever since I first discovered them, I was enthralled. Playing my first session of D&D in 2020 had been like a wonderful dream in the middle of a night of nightmares. It was a breath of fresh air. And so I’d thought I’d return the favor. And what better way to do so than by promoting tabletop games by playing them and telling people about them?

If you’re asking yourself, “what am I doing?” at the end of all that, don’t worry. Much like my first session of D&D, sometimes you figure things out as you go.

  • When not struggling with ADHD, self doubt, and any day after January 1, 2020, Scarlet writes about playing TTRPGs, and occasionally about her life.

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