[Day 1 Part 1] Ironsworn: Journey Of The Council Seeker


This work is based on Ironsworn. Ironsworn is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the dark fantasy setting of the Ironlands. Heroes undertake quests and swear sacred vows in order to complete them. Ironsworn is made by Shawn Tomkin. Read more about Ironsworn and how it’s played by going to the Ironsworn Website.

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Growing up in Greymounte isn’t easy. Living in Greymounte isn’t any easier. But through the years, Ki’red Seele has managed. She knows about being found outside the village’s walls. Her mother, Nadira, told her of the raven that called to her. Nadira, and the village, allows Ki’red to live in their midst. She may be of mysterious, elfin origins, but Ki’red has never felt like a stranger. In fact, she has forged a bond with the community. She lives, she works, she grows up, she learns, she survives.

Right now, she is both learning and surviving in a recreational activity common in Greymounte: one on one combat. In the town’s only pub, during the afternoon, a ring is drawled on the floor and rules are laid out. They are simple: find victory against your opponent but do no lethal harm.

Ki’red enters the fray. While she is caught off guard by her opponent’s strength, she is able to hold her own when he throws the first punch. (Momentum +2) A clash commences. Unfortunately, she only manages a weak hit before her opponent overpowers her and she is knocked to the floor. (Momentum -2) The man she is fighting goes to hit her, but Ki’red is quick. She grabs his arm and twists it behind his back and uses that momentum to stand back up and deliver a quick kick to his back. (1 harm to opponent) This in turn leads to him swiping at her from the ground. It works and Ki’red is just able to keep her balance. (-1 Progress) As he stands, Ki’red goes in for a punch. She smirks, hearing Nadira’s voice in her head. You’re a brawler, Ki’red. I can feel it.

Indeed I am mother, Ki’red thinks.

Her punch lands right across his face. “Come on, I know you can do better than that,” she teases.

In response, he throws his own fist. It knocks Ki’red down to the floor again. “I certainly can, Ki’red,” her opponent responds. (-1 Progress) He goes to strike her again. Again, Ki’red manages to get up and dish out what he is giving. (1 harm to opponent) The strong arm man gives it back and Ki’red defends herself but barely. This time, she is seeing stars. (1 harm to opponent, -1 health to Ki’red)

“Ready to give up, my friend?”

Ki’red wipes blood from her mouth. “Never.”

When she strikes again, it’s a heavy hit. Her quick feet allow her to get a strike to his stomach and to his arm. (2 harm to opponent) She goes to hit again and manages another strike before he catches her and twists her arm behind her back. Ki’red gives a shout of pain while laughing. (Ki’red loses initiative. She attempts to turn the tide.)

“It always amuses me how you take enjoyment of this, Ki’red.” She loves the way his hot breath feels as he says her name. It’s a shame she doesn’t love it enough to spare him. Ki’red twists her arm back and knocks one of her legs into his. He crumples to the ground. (1 harm to opponent)

But before she can attack again, a vision bursts in front of her eyes. A voice in her head. A familiar one, that has been in her dreams since she was little. It’s haunted her throughout life. The older she gets, the harsher the visions are to her. Years ago, she could have ignored them. They were products of hearing ghost stories around the campfire. But now, they are a constant source of pain. The voice used to be a whisper.

Find the council.


Find the council!

“Make way, make way, coming through!”

Find the council.

“Valerian, what’d you do to the poor girl?”

“Haf, I swear I did nothing.”

Find the council!

Everything fades to black.

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