[Day 3] Colostle: Across The Roomlands (Colostle Playthrough)

Two Of Spades

Two more days of traveling and I’ll be in Parapette. As Tarts and I were walking early, we began to tire. And it was such a nice day, I decided we could stop in the sparse forest we were walking through. In a small clearing, we both sat and enjoy a small meal. But in the clearing, I found a peculiar sight: a door attached to a tree. There are cracks along its surface. The cracks looked as if they were going in towards the center. As if the door was getting swallowed by the tree. It bends inward and there’s a large hole at the bottom. I don’t have time to investigate, I thought. But still, something called to me. And the hole was just big enough for me and Tarts.

Four Of Hearts

Through the door is nothing but darkness. Elina stands in it, her hands shaking, her heart pounding. Did she make a mistake? The darkness clears, and Elina is in the place of a blacksmith. A single, giant furnace casts pale orange light in the room. Not, perhaps, lighting it fully but lighting it up enough so Elina can move around. Enough so she knows that the room is empty. But there’s a table. It’s on the other side of the room, far from the furnace. She can barely see it. On it, is a set of chains that glow with strange silver light. Elina touches them- they are brilliant gold, and warm to the touch. As they would be, sitting in a room with a forge. As her hand pulls away, Elina hears a voice in her head.

Take the chains. Take them.

And the forge flares and goes out, extinguished as if someone had threw water on it.

Jack Of Clubs (Six Of Spades)

Elina is back at the base of the tree again. She blinks from the sudden bright light of the day compared to the dim one of he forge. When she turns to find Tarts, she finds a cart. And next to the cart stands her Rookling. Elina goes to it and sinks to her knee, hugging it. It makes a pleased noise then looks at the cart. Further inspection of the vehicle tells her that Tarts could be hooked up to it and Elina could ride in the back. She picks up the rope that, presumably, can be used to attach Tarts. It vibrates with an unknown power, and Elina thinks that some of Tarts magical abilities will be used to help power the cart. But one thing is obvious: she’ll get to Parapette faster. Perhaps she should take the time to investigate, figure out where the cart came from. But it has been a long journey, and Elina is tired. So, she hooks up Tarts, and direct the Rookling long enough to head straight into Colostle’s shining city.

  • When not struggling with ADHD, self doubt, and any day after January 1, 2020, Scarlet writes about playing TTRPGs, and occasionally about her life.

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