[Day 0] Journey Of The Council Seeker (Ironsworn Playthrough)


This work is based on Ironsworn. Ironsworn is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the dark fantasy setting of the Ironlands. Heroes undertake quests and swear sacred vows in order to complete them. Ironsworn is made by Shawn Tomkin. Read more about Ironsworn and how it’s played by going to the Ironsworn Website.

The year is y146, in one of the harshest months of the year. Winter has fallen in the Ironlands. It is not good. The harvest hasn’t been good and several of the trading parties have not returned. Much of Greymounte’s supplies are gone. But this story isn’t about the village. At least not yet. To get there, we must look to the story of an elven baby. Someone has her left next to the wall that guards the city. Amid a pile of leaves, she cries out. Salt had yet to be spread, torches had yet to be lit. The baby is in danger- with no ability to do or know anything about it. Her body begins to glow….

And we start this campaign with a move. In Ironsworn, moves are how players decide what happens in a narrative when they wish to do something risky or uncertain. We invoke a ritual.

The ritual, in mechanic terms, is a miss.

Mechanically, nothing is supposed to happen.

But that’s not what happens here. Our baby elf endures stress and fails. In mechanic terms, she loses some of her momentum and her spirit.

As she lays there in the cold, a black bird lands next to her. A raven caws into the night until the gates of the village open. A human widow named Nadira approaches. Her hair is a deep auburn, and her movements are stiff; her bones creak with the effort of her steps. It watches as she gets on her knees and examines the bundle. The baby lays among a collection of leaves, dressed for winter and wrapped in a heavy blanket. The raven stands next to the child, croaking loudly. Mystical fog surrounds them, glowing with an eerie presence. Nadira cradles the child, feeling afraid for it. She hurriedly throws salt onto the spot. Then, she runs into the village and the fog vanishes. The raven stays by the child’s side. In the morning Nadira notices the raven has a collar. On it is a tiny slip of paper that reads a single name:

Ki’Red Seele

And so she is named.

Featured photo by Photo by Kevin Jackson on Unsplash

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