[Day 1] Across The Roomlands (Colostle Playthrough)

Colostle is a solo journaling ttrpg (tabletop roleplaying game) set in an impossibly large castle that holds entire continents, oceans, mountains, as well as cities and towns. The game is played using a deck of cards. To buy a copy of the rulebook, you can go to the game’s website. In my playthrough of the game, I will note any deviations to the rules that I make. This project is an independent work and is no way associated with the creator of Colostle, Nich Angell.

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“Elina, your mission is to travel to the city of Parapette and deliver this package to the main Hunters Guild.” Lord Ester Cludes lends over the various papers and books on his desk to hand her a small square box. The box is wrapped in thick brown paper and secured with thick twine. Sitting on the floor next to her, Tarts’ eyes glow a soft blue.

“What’s in it?” Elina brings the box close to her ear and shakes it.

“A rookstone. Please do not open it or give it to anyone who is not the person to which the package is being delivered to. Your rookling-” 

“Its name is Tarts,” Elina corrects him.

“Yes, thank you. As I was saying, Tarts can sense the rookstone but can only draw from its power if it holds it. So please don’t open the box.”

“Yes sir!”

“Now go,  expect you to leave tomorrow first thing in the morning.”

Day of the week: 3 Month: 3

Four Of Clubs 

Yesterday went by so fast. I spent the day preparing for my first ever trip to Parapette! I can’t wait to go there. It’s the biggest town in all the Known Roomlands and has the biggest Hunter’s Guild hall. When I mentioned going there to my mother, she mentioned how a friend said that the views of Hall Lake are stunning. She said you can get tavern rooms that look out onto the lake. It’s going to be a cool trip from St. Wyllowburgs and it’s going to be so cool! I get to travel across Flat Roome by myself!

Right now I’m taking a break from traveling to explore some ruins I saw on the side of the road. I know Tarts is tired of carrying me on top of its head, so I decided a break was much needed. While I was exploring the ruins, I saw a friend of mine. He’s a merchant who travels around the Known Roomlands selling various treasures and goods. We don’t get to talk too often because of his travels, so it’s nice to run into him. Like me, he’s headed to Parapette, so he decided to travel with me. I’m so happy! I was expecting to travel alone with Tarts. I like that I have my friend with me, though Tarts won’t be able to carry me and my friend atop its head, because it doesn’t have the space. But my friend has a rookling of his own. Like Tarts, his rookling uses rumbling magic. Though unlike Tarts, his is five feet tall; Tarts is only three feet tall. But Tarts’ head is enormous and wide. His crenelated head has a platform on it that allows me to sit when my legs get tired. I suggested to my friend that we switch out whenever one of us tires of walking and we agreed.

Ten of Diamonds

I make a slight deviation from the rules here involving the ten of diamonds encounter.

I am pumped up! Today I experienced my first combat outside of my Order of the Knights training. It was with a group of bandits who are known for stealing from merchants.

Bandits: 4 card draws for each person
Two of the bandits have swords and the others held nothing; one of them wore a magical helmet
Elina: 3 card draws, two critical hits
Elina carries a sword and her rookling Tarts is imbued with rumbling magic

 The Fight: Tarts countered two of the bandits’ magical attacks, one from the helmet wearer and one from a sword wielded. They fall to the ground, unconscious. The other two rush Elina and the merchant with their swords but are unsuccessful. Elina knocks one unconscious while the merchant’s rookling shields him from the blade and hits him with a shield. Elina ties the bandits up with a special rope she has, which rope is enchanted with electric magic to shock anyone who tries to get out of it. The shock is enough to render the captive unconscious, but not dead.

The bandits didn’t really look like what I knew of their group. I knew they were bandits because their armor had the group’s symbol- a sword on top of a golden circle. But they all wore full face leather masks that had no eye or mouth holes and were dyed dark blue. Their legs were strange too. It was as if their legs were simply there as decorations. They seemed to almost float as we were attacking them. And they moved as if they were machines, but I didn’t hear any sounds to indicate if they were or not. Anyways, I left them tied up in the ruins. The Order of the Knights has a patrol that goes by every hour and they’ll be able to spot them. I took a helmet from the bandits and left a note for the patrol. I’m glad I was here, or my merchant friend would have had to take them on all by himself. He might have gotten captured, like I nearly was.

Six of Diamonds

I’m so furious right now! Jarads Harts is a traitor! As me and my friend were stopping for lunch down the road from the ruins when Jarads Harts passed us. Like me, he’s in the Order of the Knights but he’s a Helmed. The Helmed use rookstone-powered items that give them powers. It’s one of the most popular classes in the Order, right next to the Followeds, which is what I am. But Jarads hates Followeds; he thinks rooklings are useless creatures and should have their rookstones taken out and used for the other classes. He refuses to work with Followeds and acts like he’s above us. He’s a bully! But I never thought he was part of the bandits. When I mentioned that I had them tied up for the patrol, he threatened to kill me. Then he attacked!

Jarads: 5 card draws because of his class; along with having an armlet embedded with a lightning-powered rookstone, he also wields a dagger.
Elina: 3 card draws, two critical hits 

The Fight: Jarads tries to punch Elina in the face but Elina catches his fist and sends her own into his head. Jarads manages to move away, briefly stunned, before activating his armlet’s power and throwing a lightning bolt at Elina. Tarts uses its rumbling magic to block the bolt and then knocks him to the ground. Again, Jarads tries to use his magic, but Elina knocks the lightning aside with her sword. Jarads is tied up with the second- and last- magic rope that Elina has. She removes the armlet and gives it to her friend. Elina keeps Jarads’ dagger.

After I defeated Jarads, I tied him up and my merchant said to continue on to Parapette and he would alert the patrol. He even said he would go back to St. Wyllowburgs to give his account of what happened. I didn’t want to leave him, but he said that my mission was important. Especially since it was my first, he reminded me. I agree, but now I can’t wait to return home from Parapette and see him again!


In Colostle, the Joker card has no mechanical value. When I drew it, I decided I would draw on the events table within the book. I pulled the King of Diamonds.

As she sits on top of Tarts, Elina takes out a treasure she got from the bandits and Jarads. From the bandits, she took the helmet one of them wore. It’s made of a strange metal she is not familiar with and has a dent in the side. After examining it, Elina discovers that the metal is malleable, so she is able to partially fix the dent. Jarads dagger is magical, like the helmet, but upon further examination, the dagger doesn’t have any magical properties. She hands it to Tarts out of curiosity and the dagger activates, now powered with rumbling magic.

Queen of Clubs

I’ve been traveling all day, and now it’s time to get to bed. I’m using the candle I packed to light up the tent I made using the thick linen blankets I have and some of Tarts magic to manipulate the ground and make “poles” jut out from the earth. It’s very cozy, even if it took me a bit to get Tarts to understand what I wanted him to do. He’s not intelligent, but he got the idea- eventually. He has no mouth, but the way his eye lit up with happiness told me he enjoyed helping me with my tent.

Just as I was eating a small dinner of toasted bread and cheese, I saw the most wonderful, rarest thing: a giant rook! Compared to rooklings, rooks are enormous! They can be the size of mountains, though this one was the size of a large hill. It was still pretty big. And it unleashed a wave of fire! But the fire harmed nothing. It was using it to clear away a spot so that it could lie down. I knew rooks slept, but I did not know they could use their powers to make a bed! What’s more interesting is that I’ve never seen fire magic before. Could I have seen a new type of rook? I can’t wait to tell people about this!

Tomorrow, I should reach Hallway Riverway and cross it via one of the many boats the Order employs. It’ll be about mid hour when I reach the river and it’ll take about half a day to reach the other side. After that, Tarts and I will walk the rest of the way to Parapette. With riding on Tarts, and taking breaks, I should reach Parapette in three days. The excitement makes it hard to go to sleep because I just want to keep going but I must go to sleep so I can get the rest I need to move forward. To Parapette!

As Elina sleeps, Tarts goes out and looks up at the giant rook. The rook acknowledges Tarts by sending it a blast of fire. Tarts barely puts up a shield to avoid being caught on fire. It runs back to the tent and instead decides that maybe trying to make friends with a rook isn’t the best idea. Tarts goes to sleep, watching the rook. Around third hour the next morning, the rook awakens and leaves, continuing its aimless wandering. This wakes up Elina and Tarts. Tarts attempts to move towards the rook as it passes by the tent, but Elina stops him. Tarts still wants to make friends with a rook.

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