[Day 1 of 365] Dungeon23- Written In A Year

Dungeon23 is a year-long quest for people within the ttrpg community (on Twitter and beyond) to create one dungeon for everyday of 2023. 365 rooms, 1 level every month, 12 levels in total. To find out more, go here.  

First Floor Entrance

You have journeyed far. You have conquered, you have answered the call, you have found the destination.

In a cave- deep in a cave because nothing is never easy darling- is a door. The door is well hidden; you almost give up until your light source hits its metal surface. Why is it so… polished? As old as these caves are, shouldn’t this door be rusty? It’s unusual locking mechanism is mere child’s play with the resources available to you. You swing open the door-

Upon entering, sconces light up the darkness. And the room beyond is incredible. Walls of polish rock rise to meet a high ceiling.  The chamber is square in shape, and there are three passageways leading out, into unlit dark. One passageway is to your left about 20 feet away, another in front of you about 50 fifty feet across from the door you just entered through, and another to your right, the same distance as from the left. The tiled marbled floor has colored paths that lead to these passageways. In a corner between the left passageway and the one at the front of the chamber is a set of stairs leading up into- you guessed it- more darkness. Just like the other ways forward, a set of colored tiles lead there. Statues are placed through out the room and there are large, rectangular- shaped slabs placed around the room. Going to one of them, you can see they are not slabs but tables, desk of some sort made of stone. Dotted in front of these tables are what appears to wooden chairs. Surprisingly. everything in the room is well intact if covered in dust.

For now, you want to stay on the first level of this dungeon. So, you decide it’s best to take one of the passageways on this floor. Leave the stairs for later.

Which path do you take?

You contemplate this just as you hear an ominous noise.


  • When not struggling with ADHD, self doubt, and any day after January 1, 2020, Scarlet writes about playing TTRPGs, and occasionally about her life.

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