[Day 2] Colostle: Across The Roomlands (Colostle Playthrough)

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Month 3, day 4 of week 1, day 2

Jack Of Hearts

I’ve reached the port city of Elubs, where Tarts and I will sail across Hallway Riverway. At the ports I came across a Mounted, a Rooksmith whose abilities are geared towards the mechanical aspects of Rooks. The one I talked to is named Ashe and she has used her abilities to build a boat, like other Mounteds in Elubs.

“Where do you need to go?” Ashe asked, “and who’s this?” Ashe pointed to Tarts, who stared at their boat with wide eyes.

“I need to get across Hallway Riverway. And its name is Tarts. Its my Rookling.”

“Oh how lovely!” Glee and wonder filled their eyes and Tarts hobbled up to her and allowed her to inspect it. “Ooooo! I love its top! And the crenellations. Is this a melee sword?”

Tarts nodded and held out the sword. As much as I wanted to let Ashe learn more about my companion, I was on a time crunch. I was told to be back in St. Wyllowburgs by the end of next week. I told them as much and they agreed. Ashe said she would have the boat ready by the end of the day. I decided to explore the city of Elubs.

Buildings in Elubs town were made out of Rook skeletons and wood from the nearby forest. Most of the buildings only went up to two stories, though the main courthouse went up to three. To Tarts, this town towered over him. To me, it was another landmark on my journey. Had I not graduated from the Order, I couldn’t have gotten that mission. And if I didn’t get that mission, I wouldn’t be there. It is an incredible experience to see the world on my own. Before, I travelled with several groups. They showed me the world. They showed me its dangers. I became curious. My curiosity grew and here I am- free to explore Colostle. Its massive lands that spread around to infinity call to me.

As I wandered through the town, a black cat came up to me. With ocean blue eyes and a loud meow, it looked up at me. It followed me; It didn’t stop either. Not when I reached down to pet it, not when I tried to feed it. When it began to pull on my pants, I gained an understanding. And so, I followed it. The cat led me to the town’s library. The feeling of a mystery unfolding came over me; I went in. Once inside, the cat led me to a shelf, jumped up onto the third row, and batted at a book. It’s title was Rising From The Ashes. Reading through the first few pages, I discovered it was a book of history.

Like most cities in Colostle, Elubs had been formed from a Rook. One day long ago a Rook rampaged through the land. Early Colostle Helmeds- Rooksmith who manipulate Rook magic into wearable gear- barely managed to defeat. In fact, the town is named after one of them- Nobleperson Elubs. Elubs had ventured into the Rook. A crew of Helmed, which included them, ventured into the Rook. They found the room within that powered it. They shut it off. But Elubs was never seen again. Supposedly, they died when the Rook fell; but their body was never found. According to the book, the Rook had been a fire type.

When I looked up in astonishment, the cat was gone. When I asked around about the cat, no one had ever seen it before. And trying to find it proved useless.
But even though I couldn’t find the cat I did find a really cool book! Anyways, Ashe is ready for the journey. I’ll write later!

Elina puts away her journal by putting it in the book bag she carries. It sits next to the box containing the rookstone. The rookstone glows orange. Tarts is momentarily distracted, when it senses the rookstone’s energy. It trips but is helped up by Elina who doesn’t think much about the slip.

Four Of Clubs

As the boat sails across the water, I still feel myself shaking. First I had spotted the crenellations of a massive Rook that had sunk beneath the waves. It wasn’t moving. But as Ashe’s ship got closer to it, I noticed the green incredible amount of plant life growing on it. It was as if nature reclaimed it. Trees rose from its empty eye sockets. High grass fields blew in a gentle on its partially sunken chest. As I was about to ask Ashe to get closer, another Rook rose up beside it. This Rook stood two stories tall and carried a shield.

Rook:3 cards draws, 2 hits, 1 miss
Elina: 4 cards draws, 2 hits, 2 misses

Elina directs Ashe to shoot their boat’s cannons at the Rook. Unfortunately, the Rook manages to dodge two of the hits while using its magic to shake the boat and send it into a large wave. Elina is slammed into the side of the boat. Ashe, in the captain’s seat, is thrown off the wheel. They are unharmed, but Elina sustains a minor arm injury where she had landed on a crate. Mechanically, Elina loses one of her combat draws.

With Ashe’s boat we were able to just barely avoid getting pummeled by the Rook. And my arm really hurts from where I slammed into the side of the boat. The bleeding has stopped, but lifting is hard. Once I get to the other side of Riverway, I should be able to get something to help me. Ashe felt guilty about what happened but I assured her that I’d be okay. Their remarkable driving of the boat helped immensely. But fortunately, Ashe noticed that one of the Rook’s arms felt off. They think she can explore it and retrieve its mechanical components to improve her ship.


Ashe navigates their boat around the second Rook corpse, they hear a noise. Elina is writing in her journal and looks up. It sounds like a sigh coming from the newer corpse. Whether of relief or something else, neither could tell. But Tarts knows it is a sigh of someone taking their final breathe. It bows its head in both relief and mourning.

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