From Thread To Post: A Novel Dungeon

Hello there! On Twitter, I started threads playing solo tabletop roleplaying games. I’m going to continue those threads here. This will the continuation of my solo play of A Novel Dungeon by Serial Prizes on Itchio. Download a PDF of the thread here.

Alright let’s jump back into it.

In room 1, I encountered a Goblin and won. I’m down to 4 HP (health points) and 3 MP (Magic Points). I gained a healing potion, a spear, some armor, and a dagger. Moving forward, my character moves through a passageway before coming to a crossroad. Does she go forward or turn right? A flip of a coin says right. So right we go, down another passageway until we reach room 2.

Just like before, I loaded a random number generator and generated a number between 1 and 414 (the number of pages in Timekeeper). I got the number 316 and turned to that page. At the bottom of the page the last full word is “him” so our monster is a ghost. This is good because my mage Aurora has +1 damage to ghost. The ghost has 6 HP compared to my 4. This should be interesting. For round one, the letter is C and the Ghost goes down 1 HP, which turns into -2 due to me class ability. In round 2, the letter is L and Ghost goes down another 3 HP. This might be a short fight. And it certainly is as round 3’s letter is E, taking Ghost down to -1 HP. The Ghost evaporates and Mage Aurora is left with ectoplasm on her spear and a satisfied feeling. Loot found in this room is a claw (I), and another shield (M), but Aurora decides to leave the shield since she already has one.

The random generator takes us to page 123 for room 3. The last full word on the page is “down” so our monster for this room is another goblin. Alright. Let’s hope it goes a little better than last time. First round is the letter A, so we start with -1 HP to Aurora, which hits against her shield bringing the Shield down to 4 HP. Aurora casts Protection, using 2 of her 3 remaining Magic Points to reduce damage for the rest of combat by 1. Round two is the letter T, which results in -2 HP to Goblin. The Goblin is at 2 HP now as Aurora’s dagger causes a deep wound in his shoulder. Round three is the letter O, and Goblin drops to the ground dead, taking -3 HP from Aurora’s spear. Sometimes magic doesn’t need to be used. For loot, Aurora gains an axe (O), a helm (W), and another spear (N). Aurora chooses to keep the axe and helm but leaves the spear. The helm gives an additional 3 armor points and the axe does +1 damage to rats and snakes.

Room 4- our final room- is page 95. The last word on this page is “world”, giving us a skeleton to fight. As a mage, Aurora does an additional point of damage to the skeleton. The skeleton has 5 HP versus Aurora’s 4. This fight will be bare bones. Round 1’s letter is H, so both Skeleton and Aurora take -1 to HP (-2 for the skeleton) as Aurora’s spear slices a rib bones and the Skeleton is able to knock a hand against Aurora’s helm. Aurora is still at 4 HP due to her armor taking the hit. The skeleton, however, is down to 3. Round 2’s letter is E, and Skeleton loses 2 HP as Aurora hits him with her dagger. It breaks the funny bone, and Aurora laughs at that. Round 3 is the letter T, and Skeleton becomes a piles of bones as Aurora’s spear whacks his skull off and the rest of him crumbles to the ground with -1 HP. While this is the end of her dungeon crawl, Aurora does survey the room for loot. She gets another axe (O), gauntlets (R), a Large Healing Potion (L), and another pair of Boots (D).

All in all, I really like novel dungeon. The game is still being worked on and I definitely see some room for improvement but I enjoyed my time playing it and will be playing again.

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