From Thread To Post: Weeds In The Wastes

Hello there! On Twitter, I started threads playing solo tabletop roleplaying games. I’m going to continue those threads here. This will the continuation of my solo play of Weeds In The Waste by MeghanLynnFtw on Itchio. Download a PDF of the thread here.

In this post, I’ll primarily be reflecting on the events that took place during my playthrough. These reflections take place in between each segment of play. Segments of play are broken up by seasons.


How did I stay hopeful with much of my soil withered, unable to be cultivated further? I’m not sure. Ever since the War Of The Dark Mages ended, I’ve been searching. Searching for a purpose. Searching for something to keep me forward. When I found this abandoned garden and decided to try and make something of it, I knew hardships would happen. Watching the ground grow black does no favor to me sense of hope. Curses still plague the land and it’s obviously affecting my garden. I suppose what gives me hope is that my magic was able to save my plants.



A plant has wither. The curse overtook it whilst I sleep. Disappointment is an easy thing to fall down the rabbit hole of. But I must keep my head up. Upon examining the garden in the morning light, I realized that the curse is primarily drawn to the roots. That is something good, something I can stop. A little magic goes a long way.



Parts of the ground have withered again. They glow a strange green, and I dig into these parts of the ground to find answers. I find nothing and it feels hopeless. But I must carry on. Each time a part of the ground withers, there are more answers about the curse and how I could reverse it. Currently, I’m brewing a few magic potions to add to the fertilizer.



There’s a voice in my head telling me to give up. The fertilizer didn’t work like I thought it would. The curse caused one of my plants to wither and die right before my eyes. It is hard not to give in and give up. But I cannot. I cannot because I made a promise to renew this garden, to rid the curse. If I can rid the curse here, I can rid the curse elsewhere in this land. The War Of The Dark Mages cannot be allowed to scar the pages of our history.


Year Two Spring

Finally! A breakthrough! I managed to get the fertilizer to work! I am extremely hopeful! Since I started using this magical fertilizer, the plants have been glowing. They’ve been removing the curse from the ground. It’s a slow process but it is working. By my calculations, another season should be all the time it takes for the curse to be gone from this garden. My magic has always been the thing I relied on. Throughout the war, throughout the decimation left back. And I knew that, eventually, it would save me. And it has.


End Reflection: 17 Plants

Others have been told of my achievement. Unfortunately, I do not yet have the power nor the means to make this happen on a larger scale. But I do have the means to teach them, to tell them of my failures, my hardships, and my victories. One day, I will pass into the next world but for now my hope is with the people I can teach. They are broken like the world, but they are healing. They have found magic as well- and it has given them much hope.

  • When not struggling with ADHD, self doubt, and any day after January 1, 2020, Scarlet writes about playing TTRPGs, and occasionally about her life.

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