[Part 2, Day 1] Journey Of The Council Seeker (Ironsworn Playthrough)


This work is based on Ironsworn. Ironsworn is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the dark fantasy setting of the Ironlands. Heroes undertake quests and swear sacred vows in order to complete them. Ironsworn is made by Shawn Tomkin. Read more about Ironsworn and how it’s played by going to the Ironsworn Website.

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In the darkness, there comes a speck of light. Ki’red Seele only sees it because it pops into her periphery; when she turns her head, another pops up. Into another, and another, and another. And then another, until a scene begins to form. It reminds Ki’red of a painting she saw one of her cousins do. The kind of painting that took hours to make because its construction consisted of placing individual dots onto a canvas until a world comes of it. As this world forms, Ki’red reaches a hand out. She touches nothing, and her hand is only a vague outline.

Ki’red Seele.

That voice again. But it’s not coming from her mind, but from a figure who sits upon a chair made of points of lights that slowly form a solid form. The chair is more ornate than anything Ki’red has seen. It appears to  be made of a kind of sparkling glass that glitters from an unknown light source within. Its arms and seat are decorated with heavy cloth and cushions. At the base of the chair is a plaque. On this plaque are words in a language Ki’red has never seen in her life. And yet she knows what it says. Seat Of High Councilor Dot’ani

“I assume your High Councilor Dot’ani?” Ki’red speaks her words into an existence that feels paper thin yet made of iron.

“I’m their daughter. My name is Jeml’ani, she/her.” Jeml’ani is beautiful in a way that leaves Ki’red breathless. Her hair is a glistening bright red. It’s put into an intricate braid wrapped around a bun sitting halfway up the back of her head. Sitting on top of her head is a golden headband with dark green, leaf shaped gems. “I’ve been trying to call you.”

“And here I thought that my subconscious was driving me crazy.”

“The venom in your words is not needed.”

“My name is Ki’red Seele, by the way. She/her. But you knew that already, right?”

“I know many things, Seele.”

“So you know what this place is. You know why I’m here, why I’ve been having these strange visions.”

“I do. Ki’red, this is going to-”

Jeml’ani’s form vibrates, becoming unclear, and Ki’red steps forward in alarm. The world begins to shake. Ki’red clutches her head as pain explodes within her temple. The chair and the room around it snaps into darkness. It comes back but it’s blurry and unstable. Jeml’ani stands up and Ki’red think she’s raised a hand. The world is pulled into focus again. Jeml’ani reaches into the white suit jacket she wears and pulls out a dagger with a silver blade and a handle made of wood that’s been dyed a dark emerald color.

“You have many questions, but unfortunately I don’t have time to answer them. If you find my home, if you can locate this village, I can tell you all that you need to know. Ki’red, can you swear a vow upon this iron blade to find me, to find the hidden village of Itlstone?”

Ki’red got the feeling that she doesn’t have time to decide. She doesn’t have time to ask for time.

Somehow, she also gets the feeling that Jeml’ani doesn’t have time for her to say no.

Ki’red grabs the blade.

“Repeat after me.” Jeml’ani voice loses its softness and turns hard and emotionless.

Each word Ki’red speaks next touches something deep inside of her, some force that she never knew existed until that moment when it was awakened.

“I, Ki’red Seele, swear an iron vow upon this blade of House Ani. I swear to find Itlstone and seek what I must in order to find what I must.”

(Dice are rolled for Ki’red to Swear An Iron Vow. It’s a weak hit.)

Ki’red pulls her hand upon the blade. Instead of cutting her palm, the blade instead flairs. Her entire body is overtaken with a bronze light. The light stifles her vision and the world disappears.

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